Slavery Free is a non-profit online hub that exists to provide you with all the information you want on the topic of slavery. If you are a victim, there are charities and organisations for you to get help from, if you suspect someone is a slave there are numbers to call and people to contact.

If you are a journalist and you want to find out more, we have details of the Modern Slavery Act, the Gang Masters Licensing Authority and the politicians that sit on the all party parliamentary group on human trafficking.

And if you are a business you can find out just what you need to complete your Modern Slavery Statement.

Slavery Free wants to bring everything anti-slavery in the UK into one place on the internet so we can do more to stamp out this terrible crime that ruins lives and makes victims shadows of their former selves.

No-one has the right to take another person’s liberty, no-one should be a slave.

It is time to make the UK Slavery Free